Gahanna Soccer Association

A Message from the President

Welcome to Gahanna Soccer Association (GSA). At GSA, we provide a fun, safe and healthy game for kids of all shapes and sizes. We provide programs for children who want to play for 1 season or 20 and for children who want to play strictly for fun or compete at the highest level possible. Kids have different physical, social and psychological needs and at different times in their lives. GSA recognizes these needs. Therefore, our programs are aimed at meeting the different needs of ALL KIDS.

GSA provides a healthy activity through its recreational and small-sided games programs. These programs emphasize FUN and de-emphasize winning at all costs. Every child is guaranteed playing time, and the game is taught in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.

For the players with advanced skills and greater ambition, highly competitive leagues are offered. These players might have their sights set on a college soccer scholarship or playing for the U. S. Olympic or National teams.

Through a democratic structure, the membership of GSA is able to provide uniform rules and guidelines. These guidelines facilitate play. GSA is also able to provide a structured appeals process, and its marketing and licensing programs help GSA hold down player costs while providing revenue for increased services.

So come join the kids in having a ball. We've got a place for everyone.

Tracey Larick
GSA President